I took a bunch of photos today.  We are trying to get out more and move around.  We’ve been sitting around too much.  Today was fun.

We brought Simon outside today to let him run around.  Marvin did a wonderful job with him. I guess I should say Simon did a great job with Marvin cause it’s usually Simon who attacks Marvin.

My little family.

Simon in the under construction part of the back yard.

I had to go inside to pee and Marvin was very concerned that I was inside by myself.  He was pretty sure he should have come with me.

We took the pup for a walk.  There is a park near our house and peoples backyards line part of the park.  One of the houses has this sweet little beagle named Floyd.  He and Marvin are friends.  Every time we walk by Marvin looks for him. Today they got to say hi.

Marvin loves dogs that are his same size.

In the park there were all these pretty little purple flowers so of course we had to do a little photo shoot.

A few years ago Matt got a bean bag game for his birthday.  We decided to open it up…FINALLY. As you can see by the bags all around but not in the hole we are very good at this game.

I won in the last round by throwing two in a row right in.  This is my winning shot.

Anyway that’s what we’ve been doing today.  Okay Byee.

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