I started off my day great.  I woke up early.  I took a shower.  After I put my makeup on I realized I didn’t wash the conditioner out of my hair.  I was not going to retake a shower after I was ready.  My hair was sticky all day.  I had to retake my shower tonight. #nailedit

I got kicked off a crafting FB group today. I’ve never been kicked off a FB group before. I follow an instagram account called Badass Cross Stitch.  I feel like they are more my speed.  Here is one of their free patterns.  If you are looking for something to do this Pandemic I recommend checking them out.

We played a game today. My sister, Matt and I had a spirited debate.  My sister and I are not familiar with the term “bags” or “cornhole.” Matt asked us what we would call the game and we both agreed Bean Bag Game.  Matt and I are getting better at Bean Bag Game.

Have you ever felt like someone was looking at you judging you for not washing the conditioner out of your hair?

Good God we need to sweep.  BYEEE

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