I got my bike today. HOORAY

Matt and I had to put her together.

While we were removing the packaging Matt cut his hand pretty badly.  It looked deep.  Any other time we probably would have went to the emergency or urgent care for stitches but we DID NOT want to do that.   The cut is between his thumb and his first finger right were it bends.  I put bandaids across it to pull the skin together and wrapped it with medical tape so he couldn’t move his thumb and open it up again.

After we wrapped him up we continued with the bike and I was undoing everything and I cut my finger.  It was much smaller that Matts and I was fixed up quickly.

So between the two of us we got her put together.  I named her Yellow Bell Pepper.  I will call her pepper for short.

Matt was clearly looking forward to trying them out cause he was wearing his helmet while I finished getting my shoes on.

Then we were off.

Here is a little fun clip of our day.



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