It was a rainy day today so I stayed inside made some stuff, played video games, and watched a movie.

I made us a grocery bag.  It represents my hopes for the future, both in that we will one day be bringing our own grocery bags to the store again and maybe some peas.

We bought a basket for Marvin to ride the bikes with us.  We haven’t tried it yet because the inside was scratchy.  Today I made a liner for him.

I put a pillow inside for his little butt.

My sister recommended the movie Birds of Prey: The Emancipation of Harley Quinn.

It was a very good popcorn movie!

The last two nights Matt and I have stayed up way too late watching a couple things that I recommend.  Be prepared to be angry with our “justice” system though.

Waco There is so much about this story that I didn’t know.

And The Innocence Files.  It goes over a few cases taken on by the Innocence Project and tells each one in depth.  It is infuriating.

I also spent time today playing Animal Crossing.  I made a cute outfit for my avatar and sat in a swing with a chicken and had a nice conversation.


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