Matt played around on the computer then took a shower while I played Animal Crossing then I played on the computer and took a shower while he played Animal Crossing. Then we had dinner.

I got a lot done on our little island. I got a new room today (my third room) and was given this musical instrument.

I was able chop down some trees and make some benches for the flower garden I made.

After visiting a couple islands and selling some stuff I was able to buy a kitchen counter.  I’ve made my second room into a kitchen.

I also made enough to pay this little a-hole the rest of the loan and get the bridge made.

I made myself a little tea to celebrate all my hard work and drank it outside my house..

Matt was able to run around a look at all the fun stuff I made.

This is a little beach area in front of my house.  Matt enjoys it too but it’s my beach.

He also went into my house and sat in my chair.  Little jerk.

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