I did a lot today. I got to make stuff with my family. My nephew wanted to make a commercial for a chore robot. His brother played the robot, my sister filmed it, and I edited it. It was such a fun thing to do. Also Matt wanted a sticker for his computer so I helped make it. I really love making stuff with other people. It doesn’t matter how it turns out it is just so much fun to me. Working with those silly people made me want to make more stuff so I made a couple other silly things. It was a nice day.

Micah’s Commercial: Introducing the Chore Robot

I saw someone make these silly little things so I wanted to try it. It’s a bitmoji printed on a cut out like a paper doll. I’m not sure what I would do with it yet but I wanted to try it. They are super cute. We all love coffee am I right?

Matt can have coffee with me now without me.

In the morning Marvin and I have a routine. He emerges from his crate a sleepy dog stretching and opening his cute little eyes. He snuggles up to me and I give him some pets. Then I grab an apple and some other fruit, my coffee, my phone, my kindle, his ball, another toy, my little binoculars (for finding morning birds) and sometimes some treats for Marvin. This is a lot of stuff to carry. When I was a server I joked that I wanted to wear my apron everywhere cause it was so handy. About a month ago I found a couple aprons in a box. Today I decorated one and I am gonna wear it when we go outside. Who doesn’t like a gnome pun?

Computer Upgrade

This is my favorite cup. It is hand wash only, so I can’t put it in the dishwasher which makes me not use it as much. (lazy). I think using it helped with the niceness of today.

We ordered from my favorite restaurant tonight, Himalayan. We haven’t ordered out much these days but decided to treat ourselves. I took a picture of our delicious spread and when I looked at it I found Marvin being a bad dog. This makes me laugh so much.

bad boy

I used to love music videos. I feel like they are so creative. Matt and I were talking about them the other night and looking some up. I wanted to find the one with the guys on the treadmills. The video is so good. It’s by a group called Ok Go. When we clicked on their youtube channel I couldn’t stop watching. Their videos are so fun. I couldn’t decide which one to post so I’m posting this one and I’ll post new ones in the future. This one looks so fun to have made.

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