I forgot to post this picture yesterday. I woke up to this little kit cat watching the rain. He is so cute.

For some reason our smoke alarms keep going off. When it happen Marvin gets so scared. He starts to shake like crazy. It went off today so I grabbed him and wrapped tight in a fluffy blanket. After a few minutes he stopped shaking then started falling asleep. Poor little guy. So we took a moody black and white photo.

This is a really good article. It gives some safety standards for going outside. It makes me feel a little better about riding our bikes and taking Marvin for a walk.

Ideally, people should socialize only with people who live in their homes, they say. If you decide to meet friends, you’re increasing your risk, but you can take precautions. It’s important to keep gatherings small. Don’t share food, utensils or beverages; keep your hands clean; and keep at least six feet from people who don’t live in your home.

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