There were a couple of interesting things I discovered today. The first is this kid that started a Coronavirus Dashboard. This is where I’ve been watching numbers since the beginning. I heard about him a while ago. He’s 17. I saw an article today that he has been offered millions of dollars to put ads on his site and he’s refused. This is so refreshing. HIs reasoning behind not taking the money is wonderful.

He doesn’t want to be contractually obligated to keep up the site, or to make changes that he doesn’t agree with. Specifically, he knows many of his visitors from around the world don’t have very fast internet connections, so adding on ads and trackers would slow the site down and maybe even make it unusable for them. He did set up a donation button on the website, though it of course doesn’t amount to nearly $US8 million.

The second one seems very contradictory to the first in that it’s a Shark-tank deal. The above story is about a kid who doesn’t want money to continue his work so following that up with Shark Tank, a show that celebrates capitalism, may seem odd. Matt and I like to watch it because almost every show someone is pitching a new vegan idea. This week’s episode had two, and the one from The Mad Optimist was incredible. I can’t find a clip of when they were on and re telling the story will be long and not do it justice. They make custom body soaps which doesn’t sound that exciting but their “business” model is incredible. I highly recommend looking them up. This is from the about page on their website.

That’s why we and all of our employees are paid one equal rate, ‘cause we’re all in this together. And our products are priced on a sliding scale. We want everyone to afford badass bodycare.

They asked to donate everything they made the day the show aired.

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