I really didn’t do much today. I took a shower and put on makeup. I now put on makeup maybe once a week and take a shower less often than I’m comfortable admitting these days. We go to bed around 1 and I wake up around 9ish. I’ve always been a night person so this is very comfortable to me. Matt on the other hand likes to get up early. When he does I get up a little after him. It does feel nice to get stuff done in the morning. He starts work next week so he’ll have to start getting up early so I probably will too. I think it’ll help me be more productive.

This is a throw back Wednesday pic of Matt and I getting on an early flight to Colorado.

This is what it looks like when a morning person and a non-morning person travel together. #ImSleepyStopTalking

So that’s the cool 411 on my being a night person. Also, I’m a SOOOOOOOOO TIRED of people acting like they are put upon for being asked to wear a mask. WEAR YOUR MASK. We all wear clothes in public because it’s the law. We wear shoes in stores and restaurants for our safety. Stop acting like being asked to wear a piece of clothing to protect yourself and others in against your rights.


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