My sister and I held a very long debate today: which alternate reality game in which we create our own world is best? Animal Crossing or SimCity Build it? This seems like a fitting argument in the day of quarantine. Who uses the best platform to escape reality? Neither of us has played the other persons game but we both have great but similar reasons why our escape oasis is better than the other.

The argument for Animal Crossing according to Jill

  1. You get to play as a cute little avatar of yourself that you design.
  2. All your neighbors are wonderful little animals who tell silly jokes and give you presents
  3. The flowers you grow can sprout new flowers with new colors
  4. So many bugs and butterflies
  5. The game adjusts the weather and sunlight according to your location. (if it’s raining in Chicago it’s raining in Dillville. That’s the name of my island)
Yep, i have one of those little give a book take a book things in Dillville.

The argument for Sim City Buildit according to Janice

  1. The city is your avatar. You create it.
  2. FairyLand (the name of Janices City) is beautiful
  3. You can build in all types of climates
  4. You can repair the city after disasters whether they be natural or an alien attack.
  5. The people who live in the city thank you when you build things they need and like.

My new instant camera is AWESOME.

Lastly, this was the front page of the NY Times today. I’m both glad they did this and so sad to see it.

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