I made a couple of cups today. Matt and I both have black coffee cups that we love. We don’t like to use each others cup. I should say I don’t want to use Matt’s. We have different cleaning styles. So I made a way we could tell them apart. I put flowers all over mine. I put the word coffee on both which was fun. I also decorated a water bottle. It was super fun and I think they look really cute.

About a month ago (a year and a half in pandemic time) Matt and I watched a show on Netflix by Vox called Coronavirus Explained. It was really good. It talked a lot about how animals spread disease to one another most of which humans can’t catch. That is until people eat them. So many of the past serious spreading diseases have happened because of consuming animals. Today we watched a video on Youtube. It was a nice video where he wanted to focus on positive stuff since so much bad is going on. One of the things he goes over is the turn toward veganism in both the UK and China to help combat further pandemics.

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