I made a new notebook today. I haven’t made a notebook since before the pandemic. I think being busy, seeing friends, going shopping, all the things we did before we began to quarantine kept our minds occupied without much time for self reflection. Side note I think avoiding that self reflection is why people are “protesting” they want hair cuts. Anyway back to me. I had no motivation to make notebooks. I think it’s because I was trying to make a notebook that could be produced over and over which led to me feeling like I worked for a notebook factory instead of being creative. So i’ve decided I’m gonna make what I want. I really liked creating notebooks. What I loved about it was creating the cover. The process of putting them together isn’t what makes me happy. I started making this one, love birds, so me and Matt could document birds we found. It was so much fun to think about the design and make. I’m gonna keep doing that.

The Front

The Back

The Inside Cover

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