I’ve taken 66 days off. I was using this diary/log/ thingy as a coping mechanism before. It is still crazy out there but i’m starting to not feel as hopeless. I’m not saying I have hope, I’m just saying I’ve settled into the absence of hope so the bad feeling isn’t always there. (only there sometimes). Matt and I are trying to do things that both keep us safe and make us happy. Covid cases are going up and Trump is still in office so I’m starting this up again, this time, not to document the mundane but to document and focus on any happiness I find and create.

Happy Moment #1. Drinking Coffee

Today we went to Starbucks. We’ve only done this one other time since MARCH. We had to go to the post office today so decided to treat ourselves. I got a Hazelnut Oatmilk Latte and Matt got a Vanilla Oatmilk Latte. We brought them home and poured them into different cups, washed our hands, and enjoyed. Marvin needed to go out so I took him outside, sat in a lawn chair, drank my coffee and felt the hot air swirl around me. It was lovely. Matt and I have been remiss about moving to the suburbs and once everything settles will probably go back to Chicago. HOWEVER, I am SO HAPPY we moved here before the pandemic. Having this backyard is such a blessing (#blessed)


Happy Moment #2. Eating Dinner Outside

It was our five year anniversary a couple weeks ago. Tradition says that the gift for five years in wood. Matt really did a great job with that prompt. He got me a picnic table. I have wanted one for soooooo looooong. We also got ourselves a grill. We’ve used both the grill and the table a lot over the past few weeks. It is really nice to be outside. Matt has started cooking a lot and made us beet burgers tonight. I made corn on the cob and we put it all on the grill. It was really nice and yummy.

Look at that table!

Happiness Moment #3. Going Somewhere

Matt and I don’t really go out much. We take Marvin for a walk and that’s really it so when we have to go somewhere these days it’s like we are going to a party. Today that party was at the post office. I’ve started making mask which is another things I’m enjoying but I’ll save that for later. Right now I’m focusing on going somewhere. Today we had to go to the post office to send the masks people ordered. It was so fun just being in the car. We brought Marvin and he was having a grand time. The post office is only a couple miles from our house but WHAT AN ADVENTURE.


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