It’s crazy that it’s been 145 days since Matt and I have done anything. We’ve done small things like go to the post office or on long drives. We haven’t even gone to the grocery store. We’ve done instacart. 145 days is a lot of days and there still isn’t an end in sight. Good thing we REALLY like each other. Anyway on to the HAPPY MOMENTS I found and loved today.

Happy Moment #1. Our Chairs

Matt and I got these chairs a while ago from costco. Origionally we were gonna use them for Movies in the Park, something we used to love, probably still do but because it seems like soooooooooo long ago it’s only a foggy memory. Now we use them in our backyard. We spent a lot of our time in the back today. It was super nice, hot, but very nice. It is such a wonderful thing to have someone who can sit outside with you, drink coffee and make plans for our long life together. Maybe Matt should be my happy moment but today it’s the chairs we sit in together.

Look at that beautiful set up.

Happy Moment #2. Coffee and Doggies

I love sugary, creamy, coffee. I hate getting out of bed. What gets me out of bed is the smell of that yummy yummy coffee. I also love my dog. He is so silly and loves crawling under anything he can.

Bloomer the Gnome is just a little bonus in this pic.

Happy Moment #3. Popcorn

Some days Matt and I have what we call a one two one day. I’m not sure why we call it that cause it doesn’t make sense for what it is. I pick a movie to watch, then he picks one, then I pick one and so on and so on. It is so fun to watch a movie and eat popcorn. Today we started watching Anna and the Apocalypse. We haven’t finished it yet cause we got distracted but we did watch the first half hour and that was enough time to enjoy a delicious bowl of popcorn.

Happy Moment #4. Cooking with Matt

We have a super small kitchen but it is super fun to make new foods with Matt even though we’re bumping into each other constantly. Today we wanted to try a recipe we saw for a vegan cheese sauce. We didn’t have any chips so we baked some potatoes and used those. It was super good. It wasn’t exactly nachos cause we had to use forks so we called it Potato Fork Nachos.

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