When we bought our house it came with a gazebo and we hated it. It seemed useless and it ended up being the junk drawer of all junk drawers, a junk gazebo if you will. The people who we bought the house from left stuff in there, then we added to it. The only reason the door opened is because it opens out not in. WELL TODAY THAT ALL CHANGED. I cleaned it out and created an outside office area for me and Matt and now WE LOVE THE GAZEBO. I feel like we are just slowly moving outside. I have only been inside today to get stuff for the ZEBO.

Happy Moment #1. The Gazebo Lights

I forgot to take a before picture so these are all afters. I started by stringing up geometric shaped lights that I used for art festivals. They a very cool. I put them along the perimeter of the ceiling.

Happy Moment #2. More Lights

Also from the art festivals I had lights that you pull on and they turn on. I tied them in a bunch and hung them from the center point. They look very cute. I’m not sure how much light we’ll get from these but ascetically they are adorable.

Happy Moment #3. The Zebo

Pretty much everything I used in here is from the art fests. I stacked the boxes I used up to make bookshelves and brought down a couple ottomans we had. I really love this space now. It is so comfortable and cute.

When I put the rug down, Marvin laid on it immediately.
Matt loves it too!
Perfect for a laptop.
Marvin loves it too.

Happy Moment #4. Garden Center

Some of the stuff we had thrown in the junk gazebo was our gardening stuff. Since we still have a junk garage (next project) I didn’t want to put the gardening stuff in there. It would never be found again. So I made a little area outsize the gazebo called the Garden Center. I put the big stuff over near the garden. This is small tools, gloves, and watering cans.

Happy Moment #5. The Fan

As much as I like the new office gazebo I really love the fan I made (painted) for it. This fan took way longer than anything else but it was so fun to do and I love the way it turned out. I took a window box fan we had, took it apart, painted it, and put it back together. It is our pop of color. We plan on getting more pops.

I am so happy with the way everything turned out. Next, moving our bed outside.

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