Matt and I bought a van last year to haul stuff around for the art festivals. Because 2020 is the year of the pandemic we aren’t doing those festivals, which really sucks because I REALLY ENJOYED doing them. Anyway, we are turning lemons into lemon icees and are converting our van into a camper and her name is Vana Gogo. I drew out our plans for each section of the project. It was so fun to do and incredibly helpful to visualize our plans.

Happy Moments. Drawing the layout for Vana Gogo

I am using an old notebook to do all the drawings. I opened it today to take pictures of the layout and saw that this is on the inside. Very appropriate I think

The Floor Plan

This is the view from above. We have sliding doors on both sides of the van. The idea is to put the “kitchen” behind the drivers seat. The bench/foldout bed will be behind the passengers side.

The Kitchen. (from the inside)

The top illustration is view from the back of the van looking at the drivers side seat. This bottom picture is a view if you were stranding by the passengers side sliding door looking in. We decided that we will put in a sink but use a water cooler jug instead of a water pump. In every video we’ve watch about water pumps they are SO LOUD so we will skip it. Also, less electricity is needed. We will put a jug underneath to collect the grey water which is illustrated in the view from the outside.

The Kitchen. (from the outside)

We wanted to make the “kitchen” usable from the inside and outside. We won’t be cooking inside unless it’s absolutely necessary, like rain. So we want to open the door behind the driver and have it right there. So we are gonna make a pop up table and have another folding table along with an awning that goes over. The doors on the cabinet under the cooker can be opened from both the outside and the inside. It’ll be where we put our food. We are gonna put the cooler between the seats with the dog bet on top so that will be accessible through the drivers side door.

The “Trunk

For the “trunk” we will be putting a bench over the seat storage in the floor. It will create a ton of storage space for us and be the head of the bed at night. We are going to buy a battery that can be charged with a removable solar panel. We are going to use it to run the overhead fan and charge anything we bring with us. That will go in a compartment we build on the side of the bench.

Bench and part of Matt’s bed.

The head of the bed will be the fixed back bench. To do the body of the bed and create seating we are going to make a bench that goes along the side of the van behind the passengers seat. It can’t go all the way to the seat because we need room to get in and out. We are going to build it a little into the door opening but not all the way. Inside the bench will be a pull out slat bed for me. Because I’m smaller it will be a perfect size for me but Matt is taller and will need extra room for his legs. To make that room we are going to create a kick out at the end of the bench that will be for Matt’s legs. HOPEFULLY THIS WORKS.

additional storage will be under the bed
The two legs will fold up and the diagonal support will fold in so it lays flat when not in use.

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