The pipe under our kitchen sink burst and water was pouring into our basement laundry room everytime we turned on the water so finding happy moments yesterday and today has not been done with ease but been sought out with great intention. I begin with a not happy moment but kinda funny moment.

Not exactly Happy Moment #1. Washing Dishes in the Bathroom

We had the plumber out but the problem is our house was made a long time ago so our pipes are galvanized steel which means they get holes in them. Newer pipes are pvc and don’t have that problem. This pipe is behind the kitchen sink down the wall so it is difficult to get to so the plumber has to come back. This means we can’t use our kitchen sink until they come back, hopefully tomorrow. We have dishes that have to be done so we’ve improvized.

Yep, we are using our washing machine as a dish rack.

Happy Moment #2. Puzzles

After my bike accident I had to do a lot of puzzles in rehab, crosswords, sodoku, and logic puzzles. I really started to like them. When I do them it feels like I’m freshening up my brain. I like to write when, where, and what time I was doing them. I thought that that habit was recent but when I went home to Colorado last year my dad found a coloring book from when I was a kid and each coloring page had when, where, and what time I had colored it. I don’t remember that at all. I think it’s funny I’ve been doing it my whole life. I did a sodoku today and couldn’t let the tradition die.

Happy Moment #3. TranquiliTEA

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